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The Ballpark Project


The Problem
The Solution
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The Solution

Bust out the wrecking ball...

With Mr. Hicks' vision for development around The Ballpark in mind, there is a terrific opportunity to vastly change the dynamics of The Ballpark's exterior and interior. If office towers and apartment buildings are to be built around the stadium, I suggest "opening" the stadium, practically creating a sense of inclusiveness of The Ballpark in the project.

It would take a few stages (maybe 4 or 5) and obviously a lot of money for this to work. But to make the vision a success, I believe it will be an investment well worth the time and resources. And considering that, in the fall of 2001, the Rangers will finish paying the City of Arlington for the sales tax used to build the stadium (almost 20 years ahead of schedule), financing may not be as big of an issue as one might think.

Phase One

Seating Map of The Ballpark. The Office Building is circled