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The Ballpark Project


The Problem
The Solution
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Allow me to set things up before we start

Not only am I a Texas Rangers fan, but I am a fan and casual observer of architecture...especially stadiums and ballparks. I've collected and studied information on every professional stadium in the country.

Before I get started, let me stress that I lack the educational prowess and knowledge that professional architects and site planners obtain. However, I have also studied architecture and architects from around the world, and feel that - as any avid fan, observer, hobbyist, etc. - I am quite observant and very creative. Most of my ideas are just that...ideas. But I truly believe some of my ideas, if taken seriously, could benefit certain plans.

The idea for The Ballpark in Arlington Renovation came when I was attending a Rangers game 2 years ago. I have since studied the possibilities, projects and plans that surround the park and the land, owned by investor Tom Hicks.

Mr. Hicks has created a company titled Southwest Sports Group. Within the company is a real estate department that controls the potential land development around The Ballpark in Arlington as well as the new American Airlines Center in downtown Dallas. Mr. Hicks' vision is to develop a business, retail and residential village around The Ballpark. I feel my idea for a major renovation could greatly improve the chances of this vision becoming a reality...and a success.

The Problem

The Ballpark under construction:


The finished product:


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